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There is so much of me to summarize...

I was born in Langen, Germany and spent much
of my childhood there.  I graduated High School
from John R. Rogers High School in Puyallup,
Washington. I moved to Utah for college and
graduated from the University of Utah with a
Bachelors of Arts in English. 
I have also completed a Master's of Education
Program with the University of Phoenix.
My hobbies are many and varied, though
LEGO is a primary passion of mine.

I have been teaching since 2008
and look forward to every year I can help
students grow in their skills. 


  Middle School 









Roleplaying Club

Join the game after school on Wednesdays (3:15pm to 5pm)


Lego Books

7th Grade

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7th Grade Classes

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8th Grade

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8th Grade Classes

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Scholar Star Skills


Together We Rise  - Help each other overcome challenges.

Emotion Management - Ability to master own emotion.

Compassion/ Empathy -The ability to share or participate in another’s feelings or ideas.

Problem Solving - Develop skills to manage emotional development

Forgiveness- The act of forgiving for an offense.

Initiative- Taking action or the organization of new ideas

Integrity- Acting according to a sense of right and wrong.

Perseverance- Ability to persist or continue striving to the end.

Respect- Paying proper attention or showing consideration to others.

Service- Giving of one’s time and energies to help others.

Technology Use


Technology in the classroom should only be used as instructed. This includes both school technology and personal devices such as cell phones. Students are expected to follow the device usage agreement as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

This agreement is especially important and will be enforced as students will use computers regulary in class.

The Middle School follows a three strike policy in which a strike in one class counts in all classes.

Violations of the Tech agreement will be handled as per severity and number of strikes in accordance with the policy outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. 

Class Supplies

Each Student should have:

3-Ring Binder
(1 to 2 inch)
Notebook and/or Paper
(fits inside binder)
Writing Utensils:

Pencil Pouch
(able to fit in binder)
(5-6 dividers)
(5 colors)

Class Donations of the following supplies are greatly appreciated!

Hand Sanitizer
Disinfecting Wipes
Extra Paper